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shutterstock_178565714-300x200Gana Weinstein LLP is investigating new customer complaints filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) against broker Aaron Robert Parthemer (Parthemer). Our firm has been investigating Parthemer since 2015, when Parthemer was barred from FINRA for engaging in private securities transactions, also known as “selling away”. According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck records for Parthemer, there are 4 new disclosures on his record since his last regulatory action in 2015. These disclosures including customer complaints against Parthemer alleging unsuitable and unauthorized investments, and misrepresentation. Parthemer was barred permanently from FINRA on April 2015. His registration to the New Jersey Bureau of Securities, a self-regulatory organization, was revoke in September 2015.

The most current customer complaint pending against Parthemer is from May 2017, alleging Parthemer made unsuitable investments starting in 2009 when Parthemer was employed at Wells Fargo Advisors and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. During Parthemer’s stint at Morgan Stanley, the client alleged that Parthemer presented outside investment opportunities that he had a personal interest in, which was unauthorized by the firm. The customer alleged damages of $1,622,844.00.

A second customer complaint was submitted in September 2016 regarding Parthemer’s actions while employed at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. The customer alleged that Parthemer solicited the client to invest in outside investments that were not authorized by Morgan Stanley. The alleged damages are $205,000.00 and is still pending.

shutterstock_54385804The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) barred broker Aaron Parthemer (Parthemer) concerning allegations that Parthemer engaged in private securities transactions – also known as “selling away.” FINRA alleged that from June 2009, through March 2013, Parthemer engaged in several undisclosed outside business activities, loaned nearly $400,000 to three firm customers without permission from his firm, presented an undisclosed private securities transaction through which eight firm customers invested more than $3 million, and provided false information and false documents to Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and FINRA.

In October 1994 Parthemer first became registered with FINRA firm. From June 2009, through October 21, 2011, he was registered through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (Morgan Stanley). On November 4, 2011, Morgan Stanley filed a filed a termination notice stating that Parthemer’s termination from the firm was voluntary. From October 21, 2011, until May 2015, Parthemer was registered with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (Wells Fargo).

FINRA found that from approximately July 2009, through February 2012, Parthemer participated in a private securities transaction regarding a company referred to by the initials “GVC”, a startup internet branding company managed by a friend of Parthemers referred to by the initials “GH”. FINRA alleged that Parthemer referred several of his NFL and NBA clients to his friend for the purpose of investing in GVC. Subsequently, approximately eight of Parthemer’s clients purchased approximately $3.08 million of preferred GVC stock. FINRA found that Parthemer facilitated the transactions by hosting a presentation for investors conducted by GH at Parthemer’s home, sending PowerPoint presentations and other information concerning GVC to potential investors, and forwarding and retrieving required documentation to and from investors.

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