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shutterstock_145368937-300x225Broker William Campbell, currently employed at David Lerner Associates, Inc., (David Lerner) has been subject to at least four customer complaints during the course of his career. All four complaints allege Campbell of making unsuitable trading recommendations.

According to a BrokerCheck report, in August 2020, a customer made allegations against Campbell for unsuitability and sought approximately $90,000 in damages. Furthermore, in June 2019 another customer alleged that Campbell made unsuitable trading recommendations. The Claimant in this case is seeking damages in the amount of $120,000 and the claims involve a private placement.

Recently, our firm has received customer complaints concerning the sale of private placements being underwritten and offered by David Lerner in Energy 11 and Energy Resources 12 oil & gas partnerships.  These funds have cut distributions and appear to have lost a substantial amount of investor capital.

Energy 11 was formed to enable investors to invest in oil and gas properties located onshore in the United States. The funds’ stated primary objectives are to acquire producing and non-producing oil and gas properties with development potential, and to enhance the value of those properties through drilling and other development activities.  The fund plans to after five to seven years to engage in a liquidity transaction in which they will sell properties and distribute the net sales proceeds to investors, merge with another entity or list common units on a national securities exchange.

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