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shutterstock_156972491-300x198According to BrokerCheck records financial advisor Peter Bittermann (Bittermann), currently employed by Westminster Financial Securities, Inc. (Westminster Financial) has been subject to three customer complaints, one employment termination for cause, and one regulatory action.  According to records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), most of Bittermann’s customer complaints allege that Bittermann made unsuitable recommendations.

In July 2018 the Wisconsin Division of Securities alleged that Bittermann was delinquent on certain taxes causing his registration to be revoked.

In February 2011 RBC Capital Markets Corporation, LLC (RBC) terminated Bittermann over allegations that he sold a security without prior verbal knowledge and consent by the client.

In August 2009 a client complained that Bittermann misrepresented the risks of an investment and it was unsuitable causing $1,619,634 in damages.  The claim was settled for $750,000.

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