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shutterstock_27786601According to the BrokerCheck records kept by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker Fera Shivaee (Shivaee) has been the subject of at least two customer complaints. Customers have filed complaints against Shivaee alleging a number of securities law violations including that the broker made unsuitable investments, misrepresentations and false statements in connection with recommendations to invest in private placements such as tenants-in-common (TICs) interests.

Shivaee has been a registered representative with Centaurus Financial, Inc. (Centaurus) since 1997.  According to FINRA records three TICs complained of include NNN River Exchange, NNN Plantations, and CORE Minneapolis.

TIC investments have come under fire by many investors. Indeed, due to the failure of the TIC investment strategy as a whole across the securities industry, TIC investments have virtually disappeared as offered investments.   According to InvestmentNews “At the height of the TIC market in 2006, 71 sponsors raised $3.65 billion in equity from TICs and DSTs…TICs now are all but extinct because of the fallout from the credit crisis.” In fact, TICs recommendations have been a major contributor to bankrupting brokerage firms. For example, 43 of the 92 broker-dealers that sold TICs sponsored by DBSI Inc., a company whose executives were later charged with running a Ponzi scheme, a staggering 47% of firms that sold DBSI are no longer in business.

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