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shutterstock_176284139On March 10, 2014, Larry Steven Werbel submitted a Letter of Acceptance, agreeing to accept the sanctions handed down by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for alleged violations relating to the sale of penny stocks during his tenure at LPL Financial, LLC.

Larry Werbel entered the securities industry in 1976 as a Series 1, Registered Representative at Cigna Financial Advisors, Inc., where he was employed for twenty years. Thereafter, in February 2009, after a thirteen-year stint at FSC Securities Corporation, Werbel began working for LPL Financial, until his termination in February 2011.

During a three-week period, spanning from on or about October 26, 2010 through on or about November 17, 2010, while registered with LPL Financial, Werbel allegedly solicited eight customers to invest in QLotus Holdings Inc. (“QLTS”), a low-priced security that Werbel himself had previously purchased. According to FINRA, Werbel’s firm, LPL Financial, prohibited the solicitation of low-priced securities, such as QLTS, and so Werbel coded the QLTS sales as unsolicited despite the fact that they were all solicited.  Werbel’s improper coding caused LPL’s books and records to be inaccurate in violation of NASD Rule 3110(a).

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