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shutterstock_103665437According to the BrokerCheck records kept by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker James Connors (Connors) has been the subject of at least two customer complaints. The customer complaints against Connors allege a number of securities law violations including that the broker made unsuitable investments and engaged in churning (excessive trading) among other claims.

Connors entered the securities industry in 1995. From August 2006 through October 2009, Connors was associated with J.P. Turner & Company, L.L.C. (JP Turner). Thereafter from October 2009, until November 2010, Connors was registered with Brookstone Securities, Inc. Brookstone Securities was thereafter expelled from the industry by FINRA.  From there, Connors was associated with Meyers Associates, L.P. Finally, Connors became associated with First Standard Financial Company LLC.

Some of these firms Connors has been associated with have been known to house troublesome brokers. For instance, Meyers Associates has an unusually high number of brokers with complaints on their records. According to FINRA, approximately twelve percent of registered representatives have some form of disclosure on their record. However, as we have previously reported, forty seven out of seventy five, or nearly sixty-three percent of the brokers employed by Meyers Associates, have a marked-up history as revealed by BrokerCheck. Even more disturbing is the fact that of those forty seven brokers have on average of 4.5 disclosure events per broker.

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