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shutterstock_182054030Our firm is investigating potential securities claims against brokerage firms over sales practices related to the recommendations of oil & gas and commodities products such as exchange traded notes (ETNs), structured notes, private placements, master limited partnerships, leveraged ETFs, mutual funds, and individual stocks.  Investors may have potential legal remedies due to unsuitable recommendations by their broker to invest in this speculative and volatile area. Targa Resources Partners (Ticker Symbol: NGLS) is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). About 86% of the total MLP securities market, a $490 billion sector, can be attributed to energy and natural resource companies. Targa Resources Partners has declined about 81% in value over the last two years and is trading at less than $10 a share. According to its website, Targa Resources Partners is a growth-oriented provider of midstream services and one of the largest independent midstream energy companies operating in North America. The company owns, operates, acquires, and develops a diversified portfolio of midstream energy assets.

Our firm continues to file complaints on behalf of investors who have been overconcentrated in MLPs like Targa Resources Partners. Our clients tell us similar stories that their advisors hyped MLPs as high yielding investments without significant discussion of risk. In a recent Associated Press article, common stories of how investors are pitched by their financial advisors on oil and gas private placements were reported on. Often times these products are pitched as ways to ride the boom in U.S. oil and gas production and receive steady streams of income.

In the past year, investors have lost $20 billion in publicly traded in master limited partnerships, publicly traded oil funds. This amounts to an astonishing $8 of every $10 they had invested, according to a report prepared for The Associated Press article. The research does not include losses from $37 billion of bonds sold by the partnerships in the five years since 2010 or losses from private placement partnerships. However, banks like Citigroup, Barclays, and Wells Fargo made an estimated $1.1 billion in fees for selling these products to investors.

shutterstock_132704474According to Reuters, Arch Coal which is the second-largest U.S. coal miner has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-January. The investment attorneys at Gana Weinstein LLP continue to report on investor losses in commodities related investments. Our firm is investigating potential securities claims against brokerage firms over improper sales practices related to recommendations in commodities products such as bonds, exchange traded notes (ETNs), structured notes, private placements, mutual funds, and individual stocks.

Arch Coal plans to cut $4.5 billion in debt from its balance sheet after suffering through a prolonged coal market downturn. Arch Coal has about 4,600 employees. As we have previously reported, coal related companies around the world are being pushed to the brink of bankruptcy due to the falling prices of commodities. Other bankruptcy filings this year include Walter Energy (Stock Symbol: WLTGQ), JW Resources, Patriot Coal, Xinergy, and James River Coal Co. among others. According to Bloomberg, more than three dozen coal operations have filed bankruptcy in just over three years. Due to a combination of factors the combined market value of U.S. coal company shares shrank to $12 billion in late July 2015 from $78 billion in 2011.

In the case of Arch Coal the company became saddled with debt since its 2011 acquisition of International Coal Group and then was unable to overcome a range of negative market trends including a drop in coal prices. The company expects its mining operations and shipments to continue uninterrupted through the reorganization process. According to sources, 25 percent of U.S. coal industry is currently in bankruptcy.

shutterstock_103681238The law offices of Gana Weinstein LLP are announcing their investigation into potential securities claims against brokerage firms over sales practices related to the recommendation of exchange traded notes (ETNs) and other structured notes linked to oil & gas and commodities. These products are issued by UBS (NYSE:UBS) under the name ETRACS.

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