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shutterstock_172399811-297x300Our law offices are continuing its investigation and the recent developments in the Dawn Bennett (Bennett) case.  Recently the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) filed a complaint alleging that Bennett sold $6 million in promissory notes concerning her retail clothing business – owned by DJB Holdings, LLC.  As a background, we previously reported that The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed fraud charges against Bennett, a Maryland-based financial services firm and founder/CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services accusing her of grossly inflating the amount of managed assets and exaggerating the investment returns actually obtained for customers.

Thereafter, on July 11, 2016, the SEC barred Bennett from the securities industry for violating federal securities rules by for making material misrepresentations and omissions regarding her assets under management. See ln the Matter of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC & Dawn J. Bennet, File No. 3-16801.  Bennett also was ordered to cease and desist from any further violations of the federal securities rules, pay disgorgement of $556,102, and pay a civil penalty of $600,000.

FINRA continued investigating Bennett’s activities and alleged in its recent complaint that Bennett, while associated with Western International Securities, Inc., had a retail clothing business called owned by DJB Holdings, LLC.  FINRA found that during 2015 Bennett sold approximately $6 million in DJB convertible notes and promissory notes guaranteed by, to approximately 30 investors. FINRA also uncovered evidence that Bennett may have misappropriated investors’ money, committed fraud, and engaged in undisclosed outside business activities and private securities transactions.

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