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shutterstock_170886347The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) sanctioned and barred broker David Blasik (Blasik) concerning allegations that Blasik engage in outside business activities. When the outside business activity also includes the recommendation of investments the activity is referred to in the industry as “selling away.”

FINRA Rule 8210 authorizes the regulator to require persons associated with a FINRA member to provide information with respect to any matter involved in the investigation. In December 2014, FINRA alleged that it pursued an investigation into allegations that Blasik engaged in undisclosed outside business activities. FINRA requested that Blasik provide documents and information to the agency. On December 30, 2014, FINRA stated that Blasik emailed the regulator and stated that he would not provide information or cooperate in the investigation.

According to Blasik’s brokercheck he has disclosed outside business activities including his tax preparation company. Blasik’s disclosures also reveal that he has been employed or involved with Commercial Metal Fabricators, Gateway Sports MGM, and DMH of Ohio, Inc. It is unclear at this time what organization Blasik was involved with that FINRA was investigating.

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