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shutterstock_175137287-300x200According to BrokerCheck records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker Michael Bastardi (Bastardi) has been subject to at least two customer complaints, one regulatory action, and one tax or lien judgment during his career.  Bastardi was formerly employed by Chelsea Financial Services (Chelsea Financial) and National Securities Corporation (National Securities).  The majority of the customer complaints against Bastardi concern allegations of high frequency trading activity also referred to as churning.

In May 2019 Bastardi consented sanctions and an industry bar from FINRA due to the findings that he refused to provide documents and information requested by FINRA in connection with an investigation into the allegations disclosed on a termination statement.  FINRA found that the termination disclosure stated that Bastardi was the subject of a customer complaint alleging that he had engaged in unsuitable margin trading, unauthorized trading, fraud and forgery when he was registered through two member firms, resulting in damages of approximately $250,000.

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shutterstock_180968000-300x200According to BrokerCheck records financial advisor George Warner (Warner), currently associated with Chelsea Financial Services (Chelsea Financial), has been subject to one customer complaint, one regulatory action, and two terminations for cause.  According to records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in June 2013, LPL Financial LLC (LPL Financial) terminated Warner for cause alleging that he obtained client signatures on black account transfer forms.  Thereafter, Warner was terminated from NFP Advisors Services (NFP Advisors) under similar circumstances.  NFP Adviosrs claimed in November 2014 that Warner corrected client documents after the client had signed them.

In April 2017, FINRA sanctioned Warner stated that Warner altered various customer documents on at least five occasions after the documents had already been signed by the customers. FINRA found that Warner corrected or included the customer’s anticipated liquidity needs, net worth, liquid net worth, and/or annual income on new account forms, alternative investment disclosure forms, and an IRA application.

Often times, brokers change client information or have clients sign documents in blank in order to use false information to purchase products that the client is otherwise not qualified to purchase.

shutterstock_94632238In May 2016 the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a five-count indictment in New York against nine defendants including Jared Mitchell, the Managing Partner of Mitchell & Sullivan Capital LLC; Richard Brown, a registered broker with Chelsea Financial Services; Christopher Castaldo, the Chief Executive Officer of Stock Traders Press Inc. and the President of Wall Street Buy Sell Hold Inc.; Gerald Cocuzzo, also known as “Gerry,” a registered broker formerly with Newbridge Securities Corporation; Naveed Khan, also known as “Nick,” a registered broker formerly with Meyers Associates, L.P.; Herschel Knippa III, also known as “Tres,” the owner and Head Trader at Kenai Capital Management LLC; Maroof Miyana, a registered broker formerly with Legend Securities; Pranav Patel, a registered broker formerly with Dawson James Securities; and Louis Petrossi, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Wealth Research Institute.

The DOJ’s charges involve the unlawful sale and activity related to stock ForceField Energy Inc. (ForceField), a publicly-traded company under the ticker symbol “FNRG.”  The charges include securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and making a false statement to law enforcement officials in connection with the fraudulent market manipulation of the stock.

The DOJ alleged that the defendants employed of scheme together with dishonest registered brokers to perpetrate an elaborate but fraudulent scheme built on lies, kickbacks and manipulated trading activity.  The defendants essentially used a company with no business operations and little revenue and deceived the market and their clients into believing it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars through unauthorized trades and deceptive promotions.

shutterstock_20354401According to the BrokerCheck records kept by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) broker Robert Gill (Gill) has been the subject of at least 9 customer complaints, 2 criminal matters, 2 employment terminations, and 5 regulatory complaints. The customer complaints against Gill allege securities law violations that claim churning and excessive trading, unsuitable investments, breach of fiduciary duty, unauthorized trading, fraud, and misrepresentations among other claims. Gill’s first employment separation in 2003 from Grayson Financial LLC alleged that Gill abused margin, failed to execute trades, engaged in unauthorized trades, and misappropriated firm information. Gill’s second firm termination in October 2013 was due to allegation by J.P. Turner & Company LLC (JP Turner) that Gill borrowed money from a client without prior firm approval.

FINRA’s action against Gill involves the circumstances alleged by JP Turner. FINRA sanctioned Gill by suspending the broker and imposing a fine for allegations involving a loan for $100,000 that he received from a firm customer.

Gill entered the securities industry in 1996. From April 2003, until October 2013, Gill was associated with JP Turner. Since November 2013 Gill has been associated with Chelsea Financial Services out of the firm’s Tinton Falls, New Jersey branch office location.

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