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shutterstock_132704474Our investment attorneys are investigating customer complaints filed with The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) against financial advisor Cary Kievman (Kievman) alleging unsuitable investments and over concentrated positions among other claims.  According to brokercheck records Kievman has been subject to five customer complaints.

In August 2016 a customer filed a complaint involving Kievman alleging that from April 2013-October 2014, and from September 2015-December 2016, respondent recommended unsuitable short-term equities, over-concentrated the account in equities, and that he did not receive advice regarding his 2015 required minimum distribution which caused him to miss the RMD and suffer a penalty of $6,000. The claim is current pending.

In a complaint filed in March 2016, a customer alleged that Kievman recommended unsuitable investments that were over-concentrated and did not code her risk tolerance correctly or fully disclose the risks of the investments.  The customer is claiming $143,394 in damages.  The claim is currently pending.

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