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shutterstock_76996033-300x200According to BrokerCheck records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) former advisor Dexter Thomas (Thomas), formerly associated with United Planners Financial Services of America LP (United Planners) in Dallas, Texas has been accused by his former firm over unapproved securities and making client loans.  In addition, Thomas has 19 customer complaints on his record – most of which relate to the unapproved activities.

In August 2018 United Planners terminated Thomas stating that he affiliated with the firm in late-2017.  A short period of time later, the Thomas passed away. The firm claimed that immediately before his death, Thomas disclosed that he was involved with a number of private loans or private investments with individuals which private loans or investments were neither disclosed to, nor approved by, the firm. After Thomas’ death customers have claimed that Thomas did not return all of the funds privately loaned to or invested.

At this time it is unclear the nature or scope of the alleged outside business activities (OBAs) and private securities transactions.  Thomas’ public disclosures state that his securities activity was conducted through a d/b/a – Dexter Thomas Financial Services, LLC.

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shutterstock_172399811-297x300According to BrokerCheck records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) advisor Jerry Guttman (Guttman), operating under the d/b/a Guttman Financial Group, in November 2017, was barred from the financial industry by FINRA concerning allegations that he sold more than $7,000,000 worth of membership interests in at least six different limited liability companies to 38 customers without proper disclosure.  FINRA found that Guttman participated in the sales of these membership interests by soliciting the membership interests to investors; communicating with investors about their investments; drafting, distributing, and collecting the investment agreements; collecting and depositing investors’ checks into the companies’ bank accounts; and managing the companies as one of only two managing members.

Guttman’s employer, United Planners Financial Services of America (United Planners) discharged Guttman in September 2017 alleging that Guttman offered unapproved investments.

At this time it is unclear the extent and scope of Guttman’s securities violations and outside business activites.  However, Guttman’s CRD lists a number of outside business activities and companies that may be vechiles for his fundraising activities.  Guttman is involved with Walled Lake Properties – a condo rental property, Serenity Management, LLC – a cemetery business, Leasing USA – commercial property rental company, Sofa Society for Financial Awareness as a consultant, Nationwide Planning & Benefits (NPB Solutions) – the marketing and sale of insurance products, Leasing USA II – a commercial property rental company, Champion Entertainment Group, LLC – a company that records TV songs, 92nd Street Holdings – a commercial property rental company, and Total Living Plan, LLC – estate planning company.