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shutterstock_168326705-199x300According to BrokerCheck records financial advisor Ian Greenblatt (Greenblatt), currently employed by Capitol Securities Management, Inc. (Capitol Securities) has been subject to at least four customer complaints and one regulatory action.  According to records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), most of Greenblatt’s customer complaints allege that Aziz made unsuitable recommendations in a variety of investments.

In September 2018 FINRA brought a regulatory action against Greenblatt where he consented to sanctions and findings that he settled a customer complaint away from his member firm. FINRA found that customers became dissatisfied with the performance of their brokerage account since their account had declined in value by over $170,000.  FINRA found that after one of these customers complained verbally to Greenblatt about the losses they incurred Greenblatt did not report customer’s complaint to the firm and instead met with customers at their home to discuss their complaint. At that meeting, FINRA determined that Greenblatt wrote a personal check for $46,000 to the customers’ son in settlement of customers’ complaint.

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