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shutterstock_38114566-300x199The securities lawyers of Gana Weinstein LLP continue to investigate and represent investors who lost money in The Parking REIT (formerly known as the MVP REIT II) a non-traded real estate investment trust (Non-Traded REIT).  The Parking REIT claims to own parking lots and that an investment in the REIT provides benefits including, low operating and maintenance costs, potential for long-term capital appreciation, redevelopment opportunities, a fragmented Industry, and heavy demand.

Several years ago the board of The Parking REIT announced that it would be suspending the company’s distributions.  The Board claimed that the move would preserve capital in order to maintain sufficient liquidity to continue to operate the business and maintain compliance with debt covenants.

In a letter dated April 13, 2020, The Parking REIT provided more bad news for investors.  The company stated that “The company faces significant legal expenses related to pending lawsuits, an SEC investigation, and legal and consulting fees in connection with our exploration of potential strategic alternatives to provide liquidity to stockholders.”   Further, in order for the directors and officiers to protect themselves from increasing threates of liability the REIT paid “directors & officers liability insurance premiums added approximately $2.0 million to our general and administrative expenses in 2019.”  In addition, the REIT announced that “increasing expenses and general economic conditions are expected to prohibit The Parking REIT management and board of directors from considering a reinstatement of common stock and preferred stock distributions for the foreseeable future.”

Finally, the REIT claimed that no liquidity event may occur stating “there can be no assurance that the company will cause a liquidity event to occur in the near future or at all.”

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