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Broker Jeffrey M. Isaacs (Issacs) of Investors Capital Corporation (ICC) was recently suspended and sanctioned by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) over allegations that Isaacs made negligent material misrepresentations of fact in connection with the unsuitable sale of two private placements to ICC customers.  In addition, after the customers complained to Isaacs, he settled their claims without notifying ICC.

From January 12, 2005, through December 12, 2011, Issacs was associated with Investors Capital Corporation.  On December 12, 2011, ICC filed a Form U5 stating that Isaacs “submitted a voluntary request to terminate association with the firm while under investigation for failing to follow firm policies.”  Thereafter, Isaacs was registered with TFS Securities, Inc. (TFS) from November 21, 2011 through December 15, 2011.  On December 15, 2011, TFS filed a Form U5 stating that Isaacs’ termination was voluntary.  Issacs’ BrokerCheck discloses that he is also employed by JB Financial Resources.

FINRA alleged that Isaacs negligently misrepresented two customers that an investment in the Insight Real Estate LLC 2007 Secured Debenture Offering (Insight) was a safe, low-risk investment, misstated its payment terms, and omitted material facts relating to the speculative nature of the investment.  The customers invested $100,000 in Insight in reliance on Issacs’ representations.  Thereafter, FINRA alleged that Isaacs negligently misrepresented to the customers that an investment in CIP Leverage Fund Advisors, LLC (CIP) was for moderately conservative investors and would pay interest to the investors on a monthly basis.  In fact, the CIP was a speculative investment that paid interest only on an accrued basis with the final payment of principal. The customers also invested $100,000 in CIP in reliance on Issacs representations.

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