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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently sanctioned broker Michael A. Barina (Barina) over allegations that Barina failed to conduct reasonable due diligence into the offering a private placement security.  In addition, FINRA alleged that the broker commingled certain funds.

Barina first became registered with FINRA in 1999.  Barina was registered from November 13, 2009, through November 14, 2011, with Coker & Palmer, Inc. (Coker & Palmer).  In November 2011, Barina became registered with Aegis Capital Corp. until May 2013.  Thereafter, Barina was registered with Merrimac Corporate Securities, Inc. until October 2013.

Brokerage firms and brokers are responsible for conducting due diligence on all securities recommended by a broker.  The due diligence requirement is heightened where the investment recommendation is a private placement offering or other type of non-public offering where there is no public information available and brokerage firm is acting as the underwriter of the securities.

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