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shutterstock_71240-300x183According to records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) financial advisor Kirk Badii (Badii) has at least eight disclosable events.  These events include six customer complaints alleging that Badii engaged in some form of investment related misconduct in the handling of the client’s accounts.  In addition, Badii has been terminated for cause by two firms.  Badii is currently employed by Independent Financial Group, LLC (Independent Financial).  Badii’s customer complaints alleges that Kemp recommended unsuitable investments in different investment products including alternative investments among other allegations and complaints.

In December 2021 a customer complained that Badii violated the securities laws by alleging that Badii made unsuitable investment recommendations to an elderly homemaker, mismanaged her accounts by recommending alternative investments that were unsuitable. The Claimant states that credit lines were established to qualify the Claimant for those alternative investment purchases as well as using those credit lines to make distributions to Claimant’s family which family believed to be from income generated from investments.  Additional accounts were alleged to be established that contained concentrated unsuitable investments and that trading was made in these accounts on a discretionary basis without being approved for discretionary trading specific to reverse convertible securities. The investor alleged damages of $3 million and the claim is currently pending.

In August 2018 UBS terminated Badii alleging that he was discharged after firm review found that FA: (i) violated firm’s social media policy and blocked management’s ability to monitor his social media and (ii) violated firm’s KYC/AML policy in connection with the onboarding of certain clients and prospects.

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