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shutterstock_189135755-300x300The law offices of Gana Weinstein LLP have previously reported on their investigation into GPB Capital Holdings (GPB Capital) and its dispute with a former business partner Patrick Dibre (Dibre) who allegedly reneged on the sale to GPB Capital of certain auto dealerships causing the fund to lose $40 million according to GPB’s complaint.  That litigation is still playing out in court.

GPB Capital has raised an astonishing $1.8 billion in investor money since 2013.  However as reported, GPB will stop raising new money for now to focus on accounting issues and financial statements of its two large funds.  Subsequent reporting has alerted the public that investors should no longer rely on 2015 and 2016 financial statements and independent accounts’ reports for: GPB Automotive Portfolio, ($622.1 million); GPB Holdings II, ($645.8 million); and GPB Holdings Qualified.  Apparently, these accounting revisions are only being made because GPB Capital missed an April 30 deadline to file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which crossed industry thresholds for making such information public more than a year ago.

Investors should be concerned at this point as it is highly unusual for funds’ of this size to cease raising funds unless there are serious concerns.  Moreover, delays in reporting financials and the need to release new reports concerning financial statements made three years ago are highly troubling.  This suggests potentially multiple years of false information or a size and nature that is currently unknown.

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