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shutterstock_135103109According to BrokerCheck records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) financial advisor Barry Hartman (Hartman) was terminated by the firm due to alleged violation of firm policies including the participation in undisclosed outside business activities and private securities transactions, known as “selling away” in the industry.

Hartman was registered with brokerage firm FSC Securities Corporation (FSC) from 2002 until March 2015, when the broker was terminated. During this time Hartman conducted his securities business through an entity called Rocky Mountain Financial, LLC. While the size and scope of Hartman’s activities is still under investigation, investors have come forward claiming that Hartman sold them promissory notes and warrants in a company called Invizeon Corporation.

Invizeon is a Montana based software business that develops software platforms and solutions for government and enterprise organizations. The software includes platforms to manage information from sensing and detection technologies. In recent years, Invizeon has acquired several businesses including Seafaring Security Services, Slipstream Resources, and Gaga Africa. Invizeon continues to raise capital through private placement regulation D offerings. Moreover, on those filings Hartman has been listed as an owner of Invizeon.

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