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shutterstock_172399811-297x300Our firm represents multiple clients who have collectively lost millions in the sale of fraudulent GPB Capital Holdings (GPB Capital) related investments.  Our firm has analyzed the GPB Capital offerings and believe that brokerage firms did not review these offerings in any significant detail.  Any serious due diligence would have revealed that GPB Capital was an investment fraud scheme.

Advisor Darren Kubiak (Kubiak), according to BrokerCheck records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), has been accused of selling GPB Capital.  Kubiak is formerly registered with member firm Kalos Capital, Inc. (Kalos Capital).  In addition, Kubiak disclosed three total customer complaints and one FINRA regulatory action. If you have been a victim of Kubiak’s alleged misconduct our firm may be able to assist you in recovering funds.

FINRA alleged in a regulatory filing that Kubiak consented to sanctions and findings that he recommended the purchase of leveraged and inverse exchange traded funds (LIETFs) to customers without having a sufficient understanding of the risks and features associated with the LIETFs. FINRA found that Kubiak failed to have a reasonable basis to make these recommendations. In addition, according to FINRA Kubiak recommended these customers purchase LIETFs then held them for an average of 722 days causing Kubiak’s customers to incur approximately $98,000 in losses. FINRA found that Kubiak failed to perform reasonable due diligence and accordingly did not understand that LIETFs are generally expected to lose value over time and that losses are compounded because of daily resets.

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