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Stephen Douglas Pizzuti (Puttuti) and David Walton Matthews, Jr. (Matthews) were recently suspended for three months by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) over allegations that Pizzuti failed to adequately inquire into Richard’s Pizzuti (Richard) and Daniel Voccia’s (Voccia) outside business activities and involvement in private securities transactions despite his knowledge of their activities.  To that end, Pizzuti failed to follow up on “red flags” regarding Richard’s and Voccia’s investment activities.  In addition, FINRA also found that Matthews, Merrimac’s Chief Compliance Officer, also failed to supervise Richard and Voccia investment activities.

Pizzuti controls Merrimac Corporate Securities, Inc. (Merrimac) and was the firm’s Chef Executive Officer during the relevant period.  Pizzuti, as the managing principal of Merrimac and the firm’s CEO, had overall responsibility for the Merrimac’s compliance policies.  Matthews became President of Merrimac in early 2004.  Matthews was also the Merrimac’s Chief Compliance Officer until mid-2008 but thereafter and remained the Merrimac’s President. Matthews reports directly to Pizzuti.

FINRA found that from at least 2006 to April 2009, Pizzuti failed to reasonably supervise the outside business activities and private securities transactions of Richard and Voccia.  Both Richard and Voccia were registered representatives at Merrimac.

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