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Our securities fraud attorneys are investigating customer complaints filed with The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) against Christopher Bond (Bond) currently associated with National Securities Corporation alleging Bond engaged in a number of securities law violations including that the broker made unsuitable investments and unauthorized trading among other claims.  According to BrokerCheck, Bond currently has two customer complaints, three criminal matters, and one judgement / lien.

In October 2016, Bond was charged with criminal mischief in the third degree.  Prior to that, in September 2016 a customer complained that Bond provided unsuitable investment advice resulting in $546,735 in damages.  The claim is currently pending.

In March 2016, a tax lien was filed against Bond for $80,000.  A broker’s inability to handle their personal finances has also been found to be relevant in helping investors determine if they should allow the broker to handle their finances.

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