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shutterstock_175835072-300x199The securities lawyers of Gana Weinstein LLP are investigating investor losses in American Realty Capital Hospitality Trust Inc. (Hospitality Trust), a non-traded real estate investment trust (Non-Traded REIT).  The company then changed its name to Hospitality Investors Trust Inc.

Hospitality Trust acquires select-service lodging properties and brand national hotel.  Hospitality Trust initial offering was January 2014 and raised $911 million.  Hospitality Trust suspended dividend distributions in January 2017 and is not currently offering a redemption plan to shareholders trapping investors in the product.

According to a secondary market providers which allow investors to bid and sell illiquid products such as Non-Traded REITs, Hospitality Trust sells for just $10.50 per share – a significant loss on the original purchase price of $25.00.

shutterstock_180412949The law offices of Gana Weinstein LLP recently filed a statement of claim with FINRA on behalf of their 60 year old client concerning inappropriate investments in private placements, non-traded real estate investment trusts (Non-Traded REITs), low priced securities, and private securities transactions.  The complaint was filed against Newbridge Securities Corporation (Newbridge) and alleges that the firm’s broker Dennis Hayes (Hayes) recommended these unsuitable transactions.  In total the Claimant alleges approximately $750,000 in damages.

According to the Statement of Claim, the Claimant divorced her husband in 2012 leaving her with approximately $1,500,000 in assets of which $500,000 was non-qualified money and about $1 million was qualified IRA funds. Claimant explained to Hayes that her goals were to protect her assets while providing her with returns to meet her immediate income needs.  Shortly after transferring the funds, Hayes solicited the Claimant to invest in a gold fund called USA Gold.  According to the complaint, Hayes recommended $300,000 in USA Gold through a self-directed IRA account.

The complaint alleges that after a diligent search there appears to be no Regulation D filing for a private placement for USA Gold and no evidence of any registration of the offering.  USA Gold appears to be an unregistered securities offering and most likely an investment scam.  Even more shocking is that Newbridge has failed to properly investigate and terminate Hayes for his involvement in the unregistered offering thereby continuing to place investors at risk. According to the Statement of Claim, Claimant complained to Gene Robert Abrams (Abrams), Newbridge’s General Counsel and Co-Chief Compliance Officer that Hayes was involved in private securities transactions.

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