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shutterstock_184149845The securities fraud attorneys of Gana Weinstein LLP are investigating fraud charges by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against American Growth Funding II, LLC, Portfolio Advisors Alliance, Inc., Ralph C. Johnson (Johnson), Howard J. Allen III (Allen) and Kerri L. Wasserman (Wasserman) accusing the defendants of repeatedly lying to investors purchasing high-yield securities. Portfolio Advisors Alliance is the brokerage firm that acted as the placement agent for the fund. The SEC alleged that between March 2011 and December 31, 2013, the Fund sold approximately $8.6 million worth of its units to at least 85 investors.

According to the SEC American Growth Funding II and Johnson promised investors 12-percent annual returns and falsely claimed its financial statements were being audited each year. The Fund also made misrepresentations in offering documents about its management and concealed details about deteriorating loan values. The SEC also alleged that Portfolio Advisors Alliance and its owner Allen and president Wasserman knew the offering documents were inaccurate and yet continued using them to solicit sales of the Fund.

According to the SEC’s complaint a number of misrepresentations and omissions were made to investors including: (1) that the company represented in offering documents that its financial statements had been audited and would continue to be audited each fiscal year when Johnson knew this statement was false and no audit of the Fund’s financials occurred until 2014; (2) that the offering documents represented that the Fund was governed by a Board of Managers comprised of Johnson and two other individuals when the two individuals never agreed to serve; (3) that Johnson caused the Fund to send out monthly account statements to investors that concealed the precariousness of its business because the company could not have possibly paid investors their stated account balances; (4) that Allen became aware by no later than June 2012 that the Fund’s offering documents were not accurate but continued using them to solicit investors; and that Allen informed Wasserman that the Fund offering documents contained false information but Wasserman took no action and the firm’s brokers continued using misleading documents to solicit investors.

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