Adam Gana is Quoted in the Wall Street Journal Reuters After having Received $2.8 Million Award

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters quoted managing partner, Adam J. Gana after he received a $2.8 Million award in Jacobs v. Van Zandt, FINRA Case No. 12-00156. Seven claimants alleged that Robert Van Zandt orchestrated a $35 million ponzi scheme leading to Mr. Van Zandt’s criminal indictment by the New York Attorney General. Mr. Gana was pleased with the victory and the outcome for the claimants. “These are hard working people from the Bronx who did not deserve to be defrauded by Mr. Van Zandt. This type of fraud is rampant in the securities industry and it is up to the regulators and the attorneys to weed it out and bring these people to justice.”

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