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shutterstock_160350752-300x200According to BrokerCheck records financial advisor Farrukh Kazmi (Kazmi), currently employed by Berthel, Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. (Berthel Fisher) has been subject to one customer complaint, two terminations for cause, one financial disclosures, and one regulatory complaint.  According to records kept by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in August 2018 Kazmi was subject to a regulatory complaint by FINRA alleging a number of securities laws violations.

The FINRA complaint alleged that Kazmi regularly used instant messaging and text messaging to communicate with his member firm’s customers to conduct securities business and ignored Berthel Fisher’s explicit instruction that he discontinue using instant messaging to communicate with his customers. FINRA also claims that Kazmi did not inform his firm that he used text messaging or instant messaging to conduct securities business, nor did he provide copies of these communications to the firm. The complaint further alleges that Kazmi repeatedly made false statements to Berthel Fisher and to FINRA about using instant messaging to conduct securities business.

FINRA is also claiming that Kazmi exercised discretion on hundreds of occasions when placing trades in the accounts of customers, without prior written authorization from the customers or written approval from his firm. FINRA also alleges that Kazmi is falsely denying exercising discretion in customer accounts in statements to both Berthel Fisher and FINRA.

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